The Best File Manager for Archos Android Tablets

We are happy to announce to all the Archos Android tablet owners, that the best Android file manager is now available for your tablet.

As some of you may know, the regular Android Market for Android mobile phones (“THE” Android market with 60,000+ apps), is not available on any tablets as of yet.  Google, does not currently allow it as most of the apps are not optimized or tested for use on the very large tablet screens yet.   Google has also recently stated that the latest version of Android, 2.2 Froyo, is not “tablet ready”.

Official word from Google and the real world are two very different things however.  There are 20 – 50 (or even more) new Android tablets in the works by various manufacturers at the moment and many are about to hit the market before the holiday shopping season.

Archos is one of the first to get their Android tablets to the marketplace.  They have made tablets for some time in fact and they adapted early and got their 5 inch and 7 inch Internet tablets out into the wild running an early version of Android (v1.6).

To get the Archos tablet Android File Manager by GoAruna on your Archos tablet, you just need to open the Appslib App Store that comes pre-loaded on your Archos tablet.  You can either search “GoAruna” or you can find us under the Productivity section of the Appslib App store.

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