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Sep 10

Introducing GoAruna’s New Referral Program – Get Free Online Storage Space

We have been thrilled to hear about all of you that like using GoAruna so much that they are willing to recommend to your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, vendors, clients and employees.   The reasons are many, from saving time, peace of mind, having files always at hand, ease of sending large files, cool mobile apps and the list goes on.  We are grateful that you want to share these qualities and the GoAruna service with others.

So, we wanted to show our appreciation of your efforts to spread the good word about GoAruna to your friends, family and work networks.

Today we are happy to announce that you can now also be rewarded for sharing GoAruna.   You will earn extra cloud storage space for your GoAruna account, just by recommending others to use GoAruna.

The concept is pretty simple.  You tell friends about GoAruna and give them your referral link.  They click the link and sign up for GoAruna.  Then you get extra storage space.  Easy right?

It is based on two types of referrals.  
1.  Free account.  For every qualified person that you refer that signs up for a free account or free trial, you will get 250 MB of storage added to your GoAruna account.  
2.  Paid account.   For every paid account that you refer, you will get 5 GB of online storage space added to your GoAruna account!

Another great feature of the program is that once you refer someone, they are your referral for as long as you have a GoAruna account.  Lets say you refer someone this month and then in 3 months they become a paid subscriber.  You will get 250 MB this month and then get the full 5 GB added to your account when they become a paid subscriber, even though it is months after they first signed up.

It is easy to get started, you only need a valid GoAruna account.  Once signed in, just goto the Settings > Bonus Storage section of the GoAruna website and it is pretty clear from there on how to use it.  Just turn on the service and then start sending your link to people you think would like to use GoAruna.

On this same Bonus Storage page in your account, you will see your statistics and progress for the program including free, paid and inactive referrals.  You will also see the total amount of storage you have earned.

We hope you enjoy the program and your new found Bonus Storage from GoAruna!

- GoAruna Referral Program FAQ

May 07

Aruna Send – Firefox Browser Extension

In the continued effort to let you send files as easy as possible, from the location that is most comfortable for you, we have released an extension for the Firefox Browser. Firefox has been taking the Internet by storm with it’s open standards, open source and plug-in architecture. MS Internet Explorer has had the lead for many years but that is now changing rapidly. We are seeing sites with more than 40 or 50% firefox users!

Back to Aruna Send. This plug in allows you to send files from Firefox anytime you like directly from the sidebar (the place on the left where the bookmarks show if you push ctrl + b (or cmd + b for Mac). It allows you to be sending files while still browsing the Internet with one or several tabs still open. No waiting for uploads to finish, just keep on working in Firefox as normal.

The extension has been submitted to Mozilla to be included in their gallery and is awaiting approval there. For those who would like to try it out right away, here it is.

Aruna Send Firefox Extension download

Here are some screenshots:

Aruna Send in the sidebar

Sending a file


File has been sent with Aruna Send