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Aug 10

6 Million Android Phones a Month are Now Sold

Today the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt revealed that they are now activating 200,000 new android devices EVERY DAY.  That is 6 million new Androids per month and 73 million new Androids per year.  While impressive, we think there is still a lot of room for growth.  Android is simply killing it.  It is getting hard to keep track of every handset from every manufacturer on every mobile provider in every country.  There is simply too many.

Another factor at work here is the commoditization of the “smartphone”.  Now the cost is coming down very quickly so hundreds of millions of new customers can now afford a smart phone instead of the “feature phone” they had before.

We are glad our investment in Android is paying off.  We welcome all you new Android users and invite you to try the best Android file manager, media manager, Android player and cloud storage app available today.

We are very proud of GoAruna Files for Android and invite you to compare against the competitors, we don’t think there is a more complete solution out there.

You can download the GoAruna Android file manager from the Android Market.  Oh, and of course it is free.

android file manager app

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

Jun 10

Meet the Best Looking Android File Manager Out There

The best file manager for your Android phone just got easier to use and knockout new looks!

GoAruna Files for Android has a new look and a new home menu screen. We wanted to make it very easy for you to access, manage and capture your files, both in the cloud and on your Android mobile device. Here is what our design team, developers and user experience teams came up with..

GoAruna Android File Manager Screenshot Home

- Both cloud and local file access is easier than ever
– Access to the main functions and menus that you frequently use
– Capture and upload. Press the round button in the bottom left of the screen and you get quick access to take a picture, video, record audio or create a new note. This is then uploaded directly to your GoAruna online storage account to make sure you have it safe and sound and of course to access the newly captured media on any computer in the future.

GoAruna Android File Manager Screenshot Home B

Next up, Transfers. You will notice a new button that says Transfers. We wanted to have one place where you can look for all of your transfers both in and out of your device and account. The first things we put here are two ways for you or others to send files to your GoAruna Account.
1. Drop box. This is your personal files inbox. Anyone can use this dedicated web page to upload any files directly to you through a web browser. The files uploaded here will appear in your Inbox.
2. Upload by eMail. Here we give you an unique “Upload by eMail” email address. You or others can use any regular email program to upload files to your GoAruna Account. Just attach a file to an email, address it to your Upload by eMail address and click send. It will appear in your GoAruna Inbox.

The new version is version and is available in the Android Market already, just search GoAruna in the Market on your Android phone.

We would love to hear any feedback and suggestions you have after using GoAruna. Also, we have more GoAruna Android file manager improvements already in the works for you, so stay tuned!

android file manager app

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

May 10

GoAruna Files for Android – Now with Text Editing

The latest release (v0.7.0)of the GoAruna file manager for Android has just hit the market.

The big change with this release is that you can now edit text (.txt) files directly inside GoAruna Files for Android app.

We have also added “Download & View” so that you can download and view files in your online storage easier (one step instead of two now).

GoAruna Files for Android v0.7.0 is available now in the Android Market, if you don’t have it yet to manage your Android files, you can search “GoAruna” in the Market or scan the QR code below with your Android phone to take you directly to the download page.

android file manager app

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

Apr 10

GoAruna Files for Android Update Release v0.6.9

Today another release (v0.6.9) of the GoAruna Android file manager went live into the Android Market.  The main improvements are:

  • Now access your local files and SD card from the login page without having to log in
  • A new setting to let you choose to show your GoAruna Internet files or your local files.  You can set this in the settings menu from inside the app
  • Improved viewing of images.  Now you can click the arrows to go forward and back to the next picture when viewing the full images
  • Several usability improvements
  • Several bug fixes

We have increased our Android development efforts recently, you should now see at least one GoAruna for Android files release per week.

GoAruna v0.6.9 is available immediately for download from the Android Market.  It is a recommended upgrade for all current users.

For those that don’t have GoAruna Files for Android yet, you can get it by scanning the QR Code below or by searching GoAruna in the Android Market.

android file manager app

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

Apr 10

GoAruna Files for Android – New Release with Icon View

We have finally added an icon viewing mode to GoAruna files in addition to the list mode.  Now you can view icons of all your files with thumbnail previews of your images for all files that have been downloaded to your Android phone.  This makes it easier to see exactly which pictures you are working with and saves time from having to view the full version just to find out what picture it is.

You can set the default viewing mode in the Menu > Settings dialogue.

We are also in the process of reviewing the user interface for GoAruna Files for Android to improve and enhance usability.  Here are a few changes that we made and recently released.

GoAruna Files Android v0.6.8
1. Add icon viewing mode with thumbnails of images
2. Preview an item on single click instead of showing menu options
3. Add a choice to goto either Internet files or local android files after login
4. Add Portuguese (Portugal) and Greek
5. Bugfix: Sometimes downloaded files were saved into wrong folder when use multi-download

We have many more new changes and improvements coming for you in our GoAruna Files for Android app in the coming months.  We will keep you posted here on our blog when updates are made.

If you don’t have GoAruna Files Android yet, you can get it by searching GoAruna in the Android Market or by scanning the QR code below and that will take you directly to the download page.

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

GoAruna Files App in Android Market

And if you don’t yet have a GoAruna Account, you can sign up for your free online storage account to manage, send and share your files on the web, desktop and mobile devices.