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Sep 10

Update for Your iPad File Manager

A quick update for you today to let you know that the latest GoAruna File Manager for iPad is ready for you to download in the iTunes store.

This release (GoAruna Files v1.0.8) has the following improvements;
- New dark background theme – Easier on your eyes, especially when using your iPad in dark and dimly lit conditions
- Choose white or dark theme
- Online storage now displays image thumbnail previews – Now you don’t need to download images in your GoAruna online storage account to your iPad to see them.  A handy preview is now shown to make it easy to find the pictures you are looking for.
- List view displays more details about documents
- Transfers completed notification – A notification now tells you when all transfers are completed
- Added the transfers monitor screen – Now monitor the status of all your file transfers (both uploading and downloading files to your iPad)
- Improved the menu and actions for Online Storage items
- Improved the main menu usability in landscape mode
- Improved performance in many areas of the app

We hope you like the changes.

The next release of the GoAruna iPad File Manager is already in progress and we will let you know when it hits the Apple iPad app store.  You can also watch for updates when you update your apps in iTunes.

If you don’t yet have GoAruna Files iPad, you should try it out today, it is the best iPad file manager and cloud storage solution available.  Go get your free copy from the iTunes app store and make your iPad file transfers and your life working with files on iPad much easier.

Jun 10

Manage iPad Files with GoAruna – App update

Recently, we are hearing that iPads are sold out across many cities in the initial 9 launch countries.  In addition, Apple has announced that they have sold 2 Million iPads in the first 59 days that the device was for sale.  This is causing the analysts to bump up their estimates / predictions on how many iPads will get sold in the rest of 2010.  The iPad is still taking off and is going to be a huge hit.  iPad is here to stay.  We are still excited about the future of the iPad platform and we will be here improving GoAruna Files to help you to easily deal with all your files, documents and media on your iPad.

Which brings us nicely back on topic for this article.  The next release of our iPad file manager is ready.  GoAruna Files for iPad version 1.0.7 is now available for download in the iTunes iPad app store.

Here are some of the areas that were improved in this version:

- New upload and download manager.  Now you can do other things within the GoAruna app while your transfers happen in the background.
- Improved downloading, sending and uploading performance.
- Add browsing history for the “Browse to download” feature.
- Improved the GoAruna address book. Now you can create, edit, delete, and save addresses
- Improve the renaming of local file and folders
- Fixed the file details view can not display again when exist edit mode at internet files
- Improved thread performance
- Add support for .epub and .raw files for “Open in GoAruna” function
- New login page design
– Improved some of the menu icons
- New users can now create an account directly from the login page
- Bug fixes

Have a good weekend and as always, please do let us know your suggestions on how we can improve your iPad file management experience!

May 10

iPad File Management with GoAruna – New Release

Our latest version of our iPad File Manager, GoAruna Files for iPad was approved and now available from the iPad app store (iTunes).

In this version v1.0.6, we have added three new ways to get files to and from your iPad.

1. Upload by Email.  You now have a unique GoAruna “upload by email address”.  You can send a file as an email attachment to this address and it will be automatically sent to your GoAruna Inbox.  You then can access the file from any device.  We suggest that you save this address in your address books on all of your devices and computers, then you can quickly upload files just by sending an email from any working email account on any device.

Web Downloads
2. Download by URL.  If you know the exact URL for a file on the Internet, you can use this function to download it to your iPad by just entering the URL.    
3. Browse to download.  Currently, the built-in iPad browser, Safari, does not allow downloads.  With GoAruna Browse to Download, you have a special browser that WILL allow downloads from any web site.  Just as you would on your desktop, browse to the page and click the file that you want to download.  The file will be downloaded to your iPad.

We have also simplified the menu for you.  Now you will have a “Transfers” section in the main menu.  Here you can easily access several download and upload functions that GoAruna for iPad has to offer.  We will be adding and improving this section more in the coming months.

Folders.  Finally, you can now organize your iPad files within GoAruna by creating folders and then copying and moving files around as you wish.

1.  Now you can save video from GoAruna to your iPad Photo Library
2.  Upload video clips to GoAruna from iPad Photo Library.  If you have videos saved in your iPad Photo Library, you can now select portions of video (or clips) and upload the new shorter clip to your GoAruna Online Storage.  Note, that apps do not have access to the iPad Video Library, so you can only do this if you save your video to the Photo Library.

This release also brings improved image thumbnail logic and display and also an improved information section.

We hope you find these improvements useful!

Tomorrow, May 28, 2010 is an exciting day for many.  Apple will be releasing iPad to 8 more countries tomorrow and we welcome all you new iPad users to try GoAruna.  We want you to be able to manage your iPad files in your language.  GoAruna Files for iPad is already available for you in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Download the GoAruna Files for iPad file manager from iTunes.

GoAruna Files for iPad information and features page.

iPad file management – frequently asked questions (FAQ)

May 10

Making iPad File Management Easier

Our goal of providing you with the best iPad file management and storage app has progressed one more step today.  Version 1.0.5 of GoAruna Files for iPad went live in the iTunes store today with three more ways to work with files on your iPad.

iTunes File Sharing
Now you can transfer files between your computer and GoAruna Files for iPad through iTunes.  Just connect your iPad with the USB cable to your computer and you can easily copy files both ways, computer to iPad and iPad to computer.

Import Files by Email
Just send a file to your email account that is set up on your iPad.  Open the email on iPad and click and hold (long click) the attachment in the email.  A menu will pop up, select “open in” > GoAruna and the file will be copied to GoAruna Files for iPad.  Now you can open, view, upload it to your GoAruna online storage and even send the file to other supported iPad apps.

Open Files from Other iPad Apps
Just like the email “open in” function, you can now open / copy files to GoAruna Files for iPad from your other iPad apps.  The other app must support the “open in” function however.  If it supports “open in”, it works the same as with the Import Files by Email function above.  The file residing in the other App will be opened and copied to your local iPad files within GoAruna for iPad.

In addition to these new methods to upload iPad files with GoAruna, there are several other ways to get files to your iPad.

- GoAruna Inbox.  Every GoAruna account has a dedicated Inbox.  It is a unique web address where you or others can upload files from a web page.  The uploaded files will go into your GoAruna Inbox and you can then log into GoAruna Files for iPad and download the file to your iPad.
GoAruna web.  Easily upload files through your web based GoAruna account at
GoAruna desktop.  Use our Windows, Mac and Linux native desktop apps to copy multiple files and folders easily to your GoAruna account, then download as needed with GoAruna Files for iPad.
GoAruna mobile.  Of course you can also use our iPhone, Android and other mobile apps to upload files to your GoAruna account.

There are more details about these methods and features in our iPad Files FAQ,

We hope you find the new release and new methods for working with your iPad files helpful.  We have more improvements and features lined up for you in the next weeks and months.  We also have even more ways for you to get files to your iPad in development and coming soon.  Stay tuned !

If you don’t have GoAruna Files for iPad yet, you can download it for free in the Apple iTunes app store.

May 10

iPad File Manager App Update – New Release

Today the latest release of our iPad file manager, GoAruna Files for iPad went live in the iTunes iPad app store.  It is a recommended upgrade for all GoAruna Files for iPad users.

This release brings the following changes and improvements:

GoAruna Files for iPad v1.0.4

  • - Added “open item in other app” function for .txt .rtf, .numbers, .pages, .key, pdf.  Click and hold action will activate this menu (this was already implemented in v1.0.3 for .doc, .xls & .ppt files)
  • - Single clicking an item in Internet files now opens a new Item Details screen.
  • - New Internet files Details screen has functions to Download & View, Send, display the shared item’s URL and also adds the ability to share and unshare items.
  • - Add send a file function for Internet files
  • - Added Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish, Dutch language translations
  • - Added a button to access to our new iPad Files FAQ so you can read it directly from your iPad
Our team is already working hard on the next release which will bring more ways for you to upload files to your iPad.
Now GoAruna Files for iPad is available in 7 languages.  Languages for GoAruna Files for iPad are set based on your main iPad OS language.  So for example if your iPad is set to French, GoAruna Files will automatically be in French.  Obviously it only works for languages we support.  You can see a list of supported languages on the GoAruna Files for iPad page or in our iPad files FAQ.
Also a note about the Korean translation.  Currently iPad does not support Korean for the main iPad language.  When Apple enables Korean for the iPad OS language, you will get Korean in GoAruna automatically at that time (if your OS is set to Korean).

iPad files FAQ
Our new iPad files FAQ is being updated often so check back regularly for updates and new information.

Apr 10

New GoAruna Files for iPad Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting a lot of questions about the iPad, it’s file system and the GoAruna Files for iPad app.  To help you get answers more quickly we have set up a Frequently Asked Questions page just for iPad and the GoAruna Files iPad app.

The iPad files FAQ is far from complete and we will be adding to it very frequently so check back often.

You can read the GoAruna Files for iPad FAQ here.

In the upcoming release we also have a link to the iPad FAQ inside the GoAruna Files iPad app.  It will be accessible on the Info screen.

Apr 10

An Update for the GoAruna iPad File Manager

A new version for our iPad file manager, GoAruna for iPad went live in the Apple iPad app store late last week.

It is an improvement release (v1.0.3) and has the following changes:
- Improved loading and viewing performance for large images
- Touch and hold action now opens Microsoft ppt, xls, and doc in other iPad editor applications (so you can edit them easily)
- Added French language localization
- Improvement to fix occasional crashing of app
- Login and file list request was timing out too soon on slow networks

We will continue to make improvements on the existing features of our iPad file management app and there will be a bunch of new features coming in the weeks and months ahead too!

Apr 10

GoAruna for iPad File Management – Managing Your iPad Files Update

Today a new release of GoAruna Files iPad went live in the iPad App store.  Here are the new features and changes in v1.0.2

- Easier browsing within folders that have multiple images and photos on iPad.  We added a scrolling picture preview bar and selector to the right side of the screen.

GoAruna iPad Photo Browser and Selector

GoAruna iPad Photo Browser and Selector

- It is now possible to copy local GoAruna iPad pictures and images to the iPad Photo Library

- Improved user experience for emailing and uploading iPad Photo Library photos to your GoAruna account

- Added the ability to change filenames before uploading or emailing iPad Photo Library photos from the GoAruna Files iPad app

We hope you like the changes.  We are still hard at work on our iPad app to make GoAruna Files the best iPad app to manage, share and view your files.  Look for the next iPad files update release from us as early as next week!

Apr 10

File Manager for iPad – Update Released

The vast majority of iPad developers were in the same position with only a very select few top Apple developers getting an actual iPad before launch day.  We had to decide whether to launch GoAruna Files for iPad early with testing completed only on the iPad simulator.  We decided to release early and our iPad file manager went live into the store at the same time our actual physical iPad was arriving.

After testing on the real physical iPad we found a couple of bugs that could only be seen on the real device.  Our team has done a great job in getting them fixed and the update release v1.0.1 went live in the iTunes store yesterday.  Everyone that has v1.0 is advised to upgrade.

Now that the app is stable and the base functions are working well, the team here is hard at work to improve even more and add some more features.  Since getting to play around and test on the real iPad we have a bunch of new ideas for improvement of both features and UI.  We will be working on and releasing frequent updates to our iPad file manager over the coming months.  The next version should be in a week or so and we will post here once it is approved for sale in the iTunes store.

Here is the iTunes link for GoAruna Files for iPad.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, go grab it, it is free.

Apr 10

GoAruna launches iPad File Management App – GoAruna Files for iPad

The Apple iPad. We have been bombarded in the news about it for months now with rumours and speculation on just how good, or bad this new “wonder slate” from Apple would be. There was talk on how the device would revolutionize the way we interact with computers, the Internet, content and apps. Could the hype be believed?

On April 3, 2010, the iPad launched to the public in the United States. 300,000 iPads were sold the first day and almost half a million the first week. This is a pretty good validation by the public. In addition, words like “awesome”, “magic” were coming from almost every professional reviewer at the top blogs, websites and publications that reviewed the device.

We here at GoAruna are also believers in Apple’s new platform. Our design and development team have been working hard on the GoAruna file management and sharing app for iPad and we are happy to announce our first version.

GoAruna Files for iPad

GoAruna Files for iPad

The iPad is truly a joy to use and as good as “they” say. The touch interface and larger screen format open up new opportunities to simplify the way we work and play with our content and media. We are excited to be a part of these changes and want to bring you the best file manager, file sharing, media viewing and management experience for the iPad.

iPad also joins our stable of other mobile apps (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Win Mobile, Symbian) in helping to make sure that you always have access to your content and files where ever you go. We also want to make it easier for you to interact, view and share your files anytime you need, whatever platform you are on at the time the need arises. The iPad platform along with our commitment to developing innovating file and content solutions for you will be a great asset to help with our goals to make your life easier.

For an early look, GoAruna Files for iPad is available now in the Apple iPad app store. It is a free download as our other mobile file sharing apps are.  We have decided to maintain two separate apps for the Apple platform.  One is for the iPhone / iTouch and another separate app for iPad.  They are easily recognized in the iTunes store so no worries about downloading the wrong one.

Over the coming weeks and months you will see many changes and improvements with the iPad version of GoAruna. Most of the design and development took place without our team even setting eyes (or hands) on an actual iPad. Since getting our iPads however, we have many new ideas and improvements to share with you.

We will be posting more iPad info here on our blog and will also be creating a specific iPad feedback forum. As usual, we appreciate your input and feedback and we look forward to hear your comments on GoAruna Files for iPad and any part of our service.