Mar 16

GoAruna Closing Down – Download Your Files

After 9 years of service, we have decided to closed down GoAruna cloud storage.

Please download all of your files from your account as soon as possible.

The servers will be online and your files will be available until 00:00 April 10, 2016 GMT. Please download them before this time as they will not be available after April 10.

Thanks to all our users and customers for your custom.

Best wishes and farewell.

Oct 11

GoAruna Cloud Storage Selected for Top 50 Apps in Asia

Singapore Telecom’s Innovation Exchange recently held a contest to find and choose the top 50 apps in Asia.

We are honored to report that GoAruna was chosen as one of the Top 50 Apps in Asia.

Thanks to all GoAruna users and customers for your ongoing support and of course for your votes.

You can see all the winners here.

cloud storage top app asia



Oct 11

GoAruna Nominated for top 50 Apps in Asia

GoAruna has been nominated for the the top 50 apps in Asia. If you find GoAruna useful we would love to have your support in the form of a vote.

1. Just goto GoAruna’s voting page

2. Click one of “like” buttons (facebook, twitter, linkedin or Google+).

Thanks for your support.

cloud storage top app

Sep 11

More Payment Methods to Upgrade your Cloud Storage

We know that there is a very large percentage of people around the world that do not use credit cards.  We understand that it can be frustrating getting services and buying products online and want to help.  If you need to upgrade your GoAruna account but don’t have a credit card, no problem.

We now accept the following payment methods:

Liberty Reserve
OK Pay
Perfect Money
Post office pay (Australia only)
Yandex Money

You can also find the most up to date list of accepted payment methods and how to use them on our Alternative Payment methods for cloud storage FAQ page.
Also, if there is a popular online payment in your country that we don’t know about, please let us know so we can consider adding it!

Jun 11

GoAruna now Accepts Bitcoin for Cloud Storage

GoAruna has truly gone global and people from over 155 Countries are now using the service.  We are happy to be helping so many people around the world easily store, access and share their files and media.

That said, we are aware that many people in many of these countries do not have access to a Visa or Mastercard to upgrade their GoAruna storage.  We hear you and we will be adding some more payment methods to make upgrading your account easy, even without a credit card.

So, today we are happy to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin as payment.  If you don’t know what Bitcoin is, take 2 minutes and watch the video below to find out.  Bitcoin is available to anyone who has a computer, anywhere in the world.  You can also get more information at weusecoins.com

We will start accepting Bitcoin for all yearly plans effective immediately.  You can get more details on how to upgrade your account (and pay with Bitcoin) at the link below.

Bitcoin for Cloud Storage

Bitcoin for cloud storage - GoAruna.com

May 11

Introducing GoAruna Cloud Storage for Nokia Smartphones (Symbian^3)

In many parts of the world (almost everywhere except the USA), Nokia is a trusted brand for mobile phones.  Originally, Nokia phones were the easiest to use, had the best software and easy to navigate menu system.  Some people even today swear by their Nokia phone and are determined to buy another Nokia to replace their old, dated feature phone.

Many of these feature phones are running Symbian s40 or s60 and are actually quite capable.  Not as capable as today’s iPhones and Androids of course, and that is where Symbian^3 comes in.  Symbian^3 was going to be Nokia’s interim platform for their high end smartphones until they transitioned to the new Meego mobile OS.  Of course, now all of this is changed since they announced that they will be transitioning to Microsoft Windows Phone 7 for all of their smartphones.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how the new Nokia-Microsoft partnership will turn out in the end.  We suspect it will be successful and sell a lot of phones.  The problem is that they don’t expect to really ramp up until sometime in 2012.  In the meantime, Nokia has mentioned that they will sell more than 150 million Symbian phones.

For those that don’t have GoAruna yet, it is a cloud file storage service and a powerful file manager for your phone.  You can store, manage and share your files, photos and media anytime and from any device.  If you change phone brands, no worries, we have you covered.  You can always be sure your next phone will be able to access your files because GoAruna has the most complete range of native mobile and tablet apps in the market.

File manager and cloud storage for NOKIA N8, C7, C7 Astound, C6, E6, E7 and X7

GoAruna for Nokia Symbian^3 is available immediately from the NOKIA OVI store.  This version is available in English and Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified).

This version should work with all NOKIA Symbian^3 and above phones.  The currently released phones that this version is compatible are the N8, C7, C7 Astound, C6, E6, E7 and X7.  More phones may be released later.  If you set your phone model correctly in your OVI store profile it should tell you if it is compatible.

Download GoAruna for NOKIA at the OVI store

Apr 11

GoAruna iPad and iPhone File Manager – Now in China and Taiwan


Just a short update to let our Chinese and Taiwanese users know that GoAruna is now in the China and Taiwan iTunes store.  There are two versions, one for iPhone / iPod Touch and another version that is made specially for your iPad.

The iTunes store download links are below.

GoAruna for iPhone –  iTunes China download    /  iTunes Taiwan download

GoAruna for iPad – iTunes China download   /   iTunes Taiwan download

Apr 11

Software as a Service for Business is Growing Quickly

With the use of cloud services like gmail, google docs and even facebook, individuals seem to be getting quite comfortable with using and trusting cloud services.  Businesses however, have been a little slower to use the cloud, but big changes and shifts to cloud services are already well underway.  

We are now seeing more and more companies use cloud services like Google apps, Salesforce, Netsuite, email marketing platforms and hundreds more cloud services that are sold with the SaaS (software as a service) distribution model.  

Forrester Research has just released a research report that takes a look at the state and future size of the global cloud computing market for businesses.  They predict that the global cloud computing market will go from $40.7 billion in 2011 to $241 billion in 2020.  As with all these research reports, it is not the exact numbers that are interesting but the trends.

Global SaaS market growth from 2010 - 2020

One surprising finding is that the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) revenue will peak in 2014 at $5.9 billion.  This is hard to believe for us that Amazon cloud, Rackspace cloud and other bare infrastructure providers will peak in just 3 years.  Anyway, this will only affect a handful of players that will be playing in this space at that that time.  Amazon, Rackspace, Google and a handful of others come to mind.  

The interesting trend is their projections for SaaS, this is where the massive growth is and where businesses can get tremendous benefit.  The total global market size in 2011 is said to be $21.2 billion and is projected to grow to 92.8 billion in 2016.  The bulk of the grow lies here, where thousands of SaaS companies will make life easier for businesses around the world.  Need a CRM?  Get one tomorrow with Salesforce.  Need ERP?  Netsuite has you covered.  Need employee email, calendar and online documents?  Turn on Google apps.  Need cloud file storage, collaboration with mobile capability? GoAruna has you covered.    

One of the draws for SaaS is that it is so easy and there is no big development, consulting, implementation costs (or much less) for companies.  Also, they don’t have to maintain, improve and update the software, it is done by the SaaS provider.  Then there are infrastructure considerations, datacenter management, security and global distribution for their company.  It gets very costly to build, implement and maintain even one system, let alone many.  

SaaS usually charges customers a simple and predictable monthly subscription fee for using the software (as a service).   The software, infrastructure, security and every other factor of the service is constantly being improved, with no extra cost to the customer. Companies can now run their businesses much more cost effectively and get the very specialized software that they need without large capital expenditures (both initial and ongoing).  No wonder SaaS is growing so quickly.

Apr 11

Is the iOS vs. Android Battle Important?

The smartphone revolution is coming

Lets start with a few statistics.
  • There is close to 7 Billion people on earth now
  • 5.3 billion of us are mobile subscribers
  • About 75% of those are cheaper ”feature phones”
  • That leaves 25% to be smartphones which globally, is around 1.33 billion smartphones
Lets call the 1.33 billion smartphones the current market size.  Lets also assume that Android has sold 83 million handsets and iOS has sold 191 million devices (according to a reported numbers from each company).  That is a total of 274 million devices.  Here is a nice chart to put the growth rate of each in perspective by plotting the growth trajectory of both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS (and yes we are aware that the iOS numbers include iPod and iPad).

android vs. iOS battle for the global smartphone market - by quarter

So between Android and iOS they have just over 20% of the current global smartphone market.  Impressive for sure, and there are still 1 billion more potential customers.

That is not even considering the break-neck speed of “feature phone” to smartphone adoption.  As we all know, smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper.  The era $100 iPhone and Android smartphone has arrived which will put always-on Internet connected computers in everyone’s pocket (ok, not exactly everyone but billions of people).  For our back-of-the-napkin calculation above, lets assume that over the next 5 years (or even 10 years) that 45% of the world population has a smartphone.  We think this is low but lets use it for today and stay conservative.

That adds about another billion potential customers that will be changing from feature phones to smartphones.  This makes the potential market size in the next 5 years to be 2 billion people / handsets.  2 billion more handsets that will need a mobile operating system.  2 billion handsets that will be generating revenue from one of a handful of companies (Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, Samsung, HP etc.).

So, does the smartphone battle to control 2 billion mobile phone customers matter?  How about if the smartphone percentage goes up to 75% over time (for a total of 4 billion smartphones)?

We would say so.  We would even say the battle will be epic.

… and it is just getting started.

GoAruna is here to make sure you have all your files, media and documents with you all the time on any device.  If you don’t have GoAruna yet, sign up for a free online storage account !

Chart credit: Asymco.com

Apr 11

Easy iPad and iPhone File Sharing

As mentioned last month, we have been improving the file “share” function on all of our mobile apps.  The new and improved GoAruna for iPad went live a week ago and the new improved iPhone sharing is now ready for download in the iTunes store.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to the GoAruna iOS apps.  More details are below.

This release is v1.1.7 (for iPhone) and v1.1.3 (for iPad).  Some of the new features and improvements include:

- Much easier to share any file in your online cloud storage 
– Share to your own facebook wall or share to a friend’s facebook wall
– Better twitter sharing, now you can share via a regular tweet or by sending a DM (direct message)
– Easier to email a link to any file
– Displaying (and copying) a share link for a file is easier
– Sina weibo sharing 新浪微博
– Simplified and Traditional Chinese languages added
– A few user interface improvements
– Memory usage improvements

If you don’t yet have GoAruna for your iPod, iTouch, iPhone or iPad, it is a file manager for your iDevice that also gives you cloud storage for all your files.  We want to make sure you always have all your files wherever you go.  Try it, it is free and you get 2GB online cloud storage.

GoAruna Files for iPhone / iPod Touch

GoAruna Files for iPad